A Simple Cottage Style Kitchen Tour

Ingore those unsightly floors. One day we plan to put down some flooring.

I don’t know why this is so out of my comfort zone to share what my husband and I have done to our home. Maybe it’s because it’s not perfect… or normal… lol Let me rephrase that… Our home is very unique and NOT a “cookie cutter” home. So, with that being said, I would love to share my kitchen with you.

Bear in mind, we are not professionals, not even close, but we wanted to do everything ourselves. We wanted the satisfaction of having a few extra bucks left in our pockets. Realistically it was more like thousands of dollars left in our pockets. Our counters are from lumber my Dad had cut forever ago, the lower cabinets were made with scrap wood and pallets and yes we still have more cabinet doors to put up, so try not to judge too harshly.

For the lighting above the sink I actually chose outdoor lighting. We have a sheet metal ceiling, so I felt like the galvanized farm house look of this fixture matched perfectly!

The curtains I bought from Amazon just the other day! I felt like it would be something you would find in a cottage window, so I immediately bought it, no hesitation.

As you may have noticed I have clean dishes stacked beside the sink, drying. Do most people do that or do yall dry as soon as you get done washing them? I didn’t bother moving them for this photo because this is real life lol

The shelves were what I had been invisioning ever since we started building our house. Pinterest definitely won me over on kitchen shelves instead of cabinets. Which I am loving so far, especially since I am trying to become a minimalist. The shelves force me to keep things tidy and minimal. The rest of the house really could use some work in the minimal area though… ugh…

The faucet I just purchased from Amazon as well. I love it so far, however, I feel like I need to paint my drawer handles and cabinet door pulls to match it. Give me your thoughts in the comments below please.

The island is definitely my favorite addition to my little kitchen! It’s so simple to make and I was able to do it 95% myself. And if I can do it, you most definitely can too! All the lumber (aside from the legs) we bought from lowes, along with the stain for the top. The door handles I picked up at Hobby Lobby (my absolute fave store!) I still need to add another plank to the top to create a wider over-hang and put some bar stools underneath! (That will be in another post, another day).

I truely hope you enjoyed the little tour of my sweet cottage/farmhouse kitchen. If you were looking for ideas in your own kitchen, then I sure hope you were inspired. If you loved what you saw or have more ideas for me to try please let me know in the comments below.

If you didn’t like what you saw, well…. I’m sorry. PLEASE don’t be mean in the comments because I’m pretty sensitive lol

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Hollie Yang

The Beginning of My Home Sweet Cottage

I’m Hollie Yang! Published childrens author and illustrator, Mom of two three young children, lover of all things cottagey… is that even a word?

I am a house wife/ stay at home mother.  And spend my days raising my children, cooking three meals a day, cleaning, organizing, painting, decorating and just overall continueing to make our home sweet cottage better.

For those who know me from Youtube (the Yang Homestead) you know that my husband and I built our own home from the ground up. I would say its mostly done but there are so many cosmetic things that are still left unfinished.

Why start a blog?

Home Sweet Cottage was inspired by old fashioned homemakers of the past, and God’s expectations for women written in the Bible.

In our society today, it’s so easy to be overwhelmed and much confused about our rolls as wives and mothers.

Society has things all mixed up and the expectations are so high for women that one can hardly meet them.

However, when you read about God’s plans for women, you realize how practical and realistic HIS ways for us are.

Home Sweet Cottage was made to inspire ladies in the profession of homemaking and to encourage and uplift women of all walks to seek out God’s plan for their lives.

At my blog you will find

cozy, peaceful sentiments…

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tips for the home…

and coming soon, free printables.

“The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only – and that is to support the ultimate career.” – C.S. Lewis

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I would love to use this blog to connect with anyone interested in what I have to share, especially other like-minded homemakers.

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